A Case Scenario Study: The Cost of Juvenile Justice

How the current juvenile justice system operates in Douglas County, Nebraska costs a lot of money and time.  In partnership with Voices for Children in Nebraska and Category One Consulting, we have created an interactive pdf, which contains hypothetical pathway scenarios of how three youth with the same offense may move through the juvenile justice system.  The youth experience very different paths based on a variety of factors.  The interacitve pdf allows you to explore each step of the youths journey, and the monetary cost associated step.  The hope is to use this tool to identify tangible system reforms that can help align our system with best practices identified on the last page.  Evidence shows that both the youth and the community benefit from the avoidance of net-widening, the elimination of disproportionate minority contact and racial ethnic disparity within the juvenile justice system, timeliness of response, and expansion of alternatives to detention and community based in-home services.  An 11x17 printable version of the document is available under our resources.

Interactive :The Cost of Juvenile Justice (not printable)