In addition to promoting effective advocacy in the courtroom, NYA is focused on advocating for systemic changes in Nebraska’s juvenile justice system.

lawyers undergoing training

In the courtroom

  1. Listserv for Nebraska juvenile defense counsel to share strategies, successes and failures in the course of their representation
  2. Case Law Summaries to provide references to new changes in Nebraska juvenile case law
  3. Sample Motions
  4. Sample Briefs

lawyers undergoing training

In the Nebraska legislature

  1. Assist in policy research and advocacy in line with promising practices in juvenile justice.
    1. Early Access to Defense Counsel
    2. Sealing/Expungement of Juvenile Records
    3. Detention Criteria
  2. Provide information to juvenile defense attorneys about past and current legislative bills.

lawyers undergoing training

Collaboration with local and national partners to advance the practice of juvenile defense

  1. Gault at 50
  2. Member of the Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts Subcommittee to develop guidelines for all attorneys who practice in juvenile court